Submission Guideline

  1. Before you submit your original work, noted that the submitting author is automatically designated as the corresponding author in our submission system. The corresponding author is also the primary contact for the conference organizers and NTU Management Review editorial office.
  2. We welcome submissions in either English or Chinese.
  3. We accept abstract within 500 words, summary at least 2000 words, or full text if your research works have not been submitted elsewhere for presentation and publication. Please submit Chinese or English abstract (about 500 words) if you choose to attend the conference only. If you wish to be concerned for all awards and have your research be reviewed for the special issue published after the conference, please submit summary (at least 2000 words) or full text in Chinese or English.
  4. Please download the Abstract/Summary template or Full text template before you submit. Please follow the styles presented at these two templates.
  5. A special issue of NTU Management Review will be published after the conference. All manuscripts are subject to double-blind peer review for presenting at the conference, and for publishing to the special issue as well. Authors will be notified of the results of the review process, but manuscripts will not be returned.
  6. Once your original paper is invited to submit to the special issue after the conference, a submission fee (3,000 NTD. or 100 USD.) is needed.